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Reality Kings Reviewed

The network will not disappoint, they will not offer you anything that is not High Quality, and finally, they will never be a mediocre porn hot spot for the foreseeable future! Every time you come back into the member’s area, you will be pleasantly surprised with the colorful design and the erotic material inside.

These Reality Kings guys have carved out a sizable market share in the industry thanks to their consistent quality. They are also known for being providers of exclusive action. Their network is constantly refreshed with updates on a daily basis. All these are qualities of a premium network willing to do anything and everything to please their members.

Even if you have “hulk-like appetite” when it comes to hardcore porn, you will gorge yourself silly inside this network and still never see the bottom of the barrel, so to speak! You will have complete freedom to roam around the 37 sites inside this network.


This mega collection of sites is going to light up your world thanks to the High Quality punany-action taking place inside. “Join and jack” is their policy and so far, they have not disappointed.

The niches covered by these sites are many meaning complete satisfaction of every member’s needs. This network has a strong number of models, pictures, and movies. As a member, you can see some 6100 models featured inside the different sites. 

For movies, try some 4200 hours of watching the 8348+ videos inside! The niches you will be nibbling on with a lot of enthusiasm include reality, milf, teen, blowjob, DP, interracial, big tits, anal, threesomes, and various other hardcore niches.

The different sites inside Reality Kings all have one thing in common; they have a good consistency when it comes to quality material. The navigation features inside are similar on all the sites. Therefore, if you are intimately familiar with one site, you can navigate all the rest without much issue. 

The live streaming functions inside are “alive and kicking”, so no problems there! They also have different sizes and formats so that everyone can find what they need. There are full films and one-minute long clips. Formats given include mpeg, wmv, flv, mp4, and mobile formats.


Bring on the 8348+ picture gallery and what do you see? High Resolution, well lighted, professionally shot pieces that highlight the erotic bodies, the sex, and the hardcore fornication in splendid color and clarity. You can look at the pictures online or save them on your computer using the zip file. Either way, you will be rewarded with mouth-watering beauty and dick-hardening eroticism. 

“Can you bookmark or add some of the material inside to your favorites?” Yes, you can! If you want to see the models, there is a menu bar you can use. This menu bar also allows members to jump to different sites, take a peek at the live cams, or peruse the deals or discounts offered by these guys.

Your membership to this network is like winning a cruise ticket where performers are always there to make you horny, and the hardcore sexing party never dies! They come so close to complete perfection that it is going to take you a long time to find any flaws. Only thing we could see was that the quality of older action is not so high def and high res. Oh yeah, they also have a download limitation of ten GB every day.

These guys just keep on raising the bar higher and higher! They make us proud to be hardcore porn fans cause they deliver something that is titillating, special, sexual, naughty, kinky, massive, and worth investing your time and money. If there was ever a network that we would definitely recommend you check out, Reality Kings is at the top of our list!